The Causes of Wellbeing with Pablo Das

 Practical Dharma, Holistic wellness and trauma resolution coaching.

What are the causes of wellbeing?

To sincerely explore this question is to embark on a deep and nuanced exploration of one's life. It is to begin to take responsibility for it. My work is an ongoing manifestation of this lifelong inquiry. I've stepped through many doors in search of a deeper sense of wellbeing including meditation, holistic health trainings, explorations of art, nature, activism, sexuality, ecstatic dance, devotional chanting, relational mindfulness, addiction recovery, Buddhism, trauma resolution, touch oriented attachment therapy and more. What I've learned is that nothing arises independent of its causes.The experience of human wellbeing is a result of consciously identifying and appropriately engaging the variables in our lives that support it. It requires presence and responsiveness. It requires discernment. As human beings we have tremendous agency to both address the common barriers to wellbeing and create the conditions for a vital and deeply fulfilling experience of living this one precious and finite life.  

That's the work I do.

I hope that I can support you in your process.

Pablo Das  

Welcome to the Causes of Wellbeing website.

Here you will find information on the work of Pablo Das. In the about page you can read about my background and teachings. Visit the coaching page to find information on my one on one coaching practice. In the talks section to hear recorded lectures. In the teaching dates section you'll find information about classes and workshops. Finally, check out the ideas page for my writing. 

I hope that what is offered here is what most supports your wellbeing. 

- Pablo Das, SEP, HHC

 Pablo Das was featured in the March 2017 issue of Lions Roar.   Read Online Version

Pablo Das was featured in the March 2017 issue of Lions Roar.  Read Online Version


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