The Foundation program. A focused 3 month coaching program with Pablo Das


The Foundation program. A focused 3 month coaching program with Pablo Das

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Foundation program

A focused 3 month wellness coaching program.

6 sessions, every two weeks over the course of the 3 month program 

$799- Saves $100 off my regular coaching rate.

Available in person in Los Angeles or "remotely" via Skype or Facetime.

The "foundation" program helps you establish and maintain higher level wellbeing by working at the foundational level in a focused way.  The program is designed to create a personalized container of coaching and accountability to support you to work in one specific area of you life, create a specific intention and help you to move forward over a defined period of time (90 days). By working in just one area in a focused and contained way, we can make gradual change in an appropriate timeframe and allow enough time for the change to be integrated.

Establishing and maintaining wellness is about identifying and engaging the variables in your life that impact the way you feel from day to day. The truth is, there are many variables to pay attention to. Food, sleep, exercise, relationships, quitting a bad habit, meditation, trauma healing, resilience building, any number of spiritual practices, sobriety, creativity, recreation, money and career considerations all contribute to a sense of wellbeing. Where do we begin? This course is created to invite you to choose one variable and move forward over a specified period of time, with the appropriate structure and support.

In our initial meeting we'll connect and explore your life and experience and I'll help you choose an area of focus. We'll set some specific intentions and begin to formulate a path forward. The work moves through three general phases. 

Discernment and planning: Choosing the area of focus.

Action: Doing the work. 

Integration: Leaving time to allow the work to be sufficiently integrated before moving the focus to another area. 

Included in the program:

A total of six 50 minute sessions (every two weeks for 3 months)

Unlimited support via email. 

Any relevant support materials will be provided.


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