Coaching with Pablo Das

Coaching is offered in person in Los Angeles or remotely via Skype or phone.

For an appointment, call (646) 232-7201 or fill out the form on the contact page on this website. Special offer: Introductory block of 4 sessions for $499.  ($101 off my regular rate). First time clients only.


Coaching is offered in the following areas:

Practical Dharma Coaching and Mindfulness Training

Buddhist practice and principles are central to all of the work I do as a teacher and a coach. The Dharma is so many things. It is a practice of mindful presence and responsiveness. It is an ethical system for wise speech and conduct. It is a means to develop insight and wisdom and above all, it is a path of kindness and compassion. One of the most beautiful things about the Dharma is it’s practicality. My work is to help ordinary people integrate the dharma into daily life.

Holistic Wellness Coaching

The experience of wellbeing is conditioned by identifying and appropriately engaging the variables in ones life that impact how you feel. Sleep, physical movement, what we consume, the quality of our relationships, how we make a living, spiritual practice, our healing practices, creativity and recreation all contribute to a sense of wellbeing in life. I work with clients to be present to these variables and to the results in the laboratory of their own body, hearts and minds.

Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Management and Resolution

Somatic experiencing is a body centered approach to working with Trauma. Trauma symptoms arise from events or an ongoing set of conditions which overwhelm. Trauma (whether related to single events in adulthood, early life experiences or social oppression) has a long term effect on emotional regulation, perception of the world, self image and relational capacities. I work to support people to be more present and responsive to the experience of trauma so that they may better manage and resolve it.

Trauma Centered Buddhist Recovery Coaching

Trauma is a common and often overlooked dimension of addiction. Trauma creates chronic dis-regulation in the nervous system. Addiction can be seen as a self regulatory strategy which offers short term relief but ultimately compounds suffering. Recovery therefore, necessarily involves the management and resolution of the trauma which underlies it. This program builds on the foundation of Buddhist Recovery by centralizing an awareness of trauma as a possible causal factor and integrating practices and principles from Somatic Experiencing and other trauma resolution systems.